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The Brighton Soccer Board is deciding to err on the side of caution in regards to a Covid Situation.  The understanding is that the said Child/Coach that shows signs/symptoms of Covid or has been exposed to Covid will need to miss the practice/games due to the possibility of having Covid until it is proven a Negative Covid Situation. 
Steps to prove a Negative Covid Result would be the following:
The duration of Missed Time for the said Child/Coach of possible Covid would be 14 days from the sign of Covid Symptoms or Exposure. However, if the family decides to do a Covid test and provide the result to the Coach and the BSL Board of the test results showing negative, then Child/Coach could resume attendance of Practice/Games.  Until one of those choices are completed and communicated with the Coach and BSL Board the Child/Coach would need to sit out.
If the Child/Coach goes for a Covid Test, and it is a Positive Covid Result, then the Child/Coach would have to remain out of the League participation until cleared by their Doctor and Medical Paperwork of a Negative Test Results to be given to the Coach and the BSL Board.  Anyone that was in exposure would also be notified by either the Coach/Board. 
We appreciate everyone following these protocols and feel that due to the number of players and coaches that could potentially be affected feel that this is the best path for all involved. 
Brighton Soccer League Board




The Brighton Soccer League (BSL) is continuing to follow the Covid Information and Rules to follow for the 2021 Brighton Soccer League by monitoring the latest recommendations particularly from the New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA) and Town of Brighton.

As of Now:


  • Masks will be worn by everyone: Refs, Coaches, Players, and Spectators.
  • Players will practice safe distance when not in practice/game play mode.
  • Players do not need to have Masks on when Playing Soccer.
  • Spectators will be allowed but only 2 people per player. (Please keep 6ft away from other families as best you can.)