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What is the Season? When does it start and end?
For "A" through "D" players - it is mid-May through the end of July (play-offs sometimes end the first week in August).

For "E" and "F" players - it is Memorial Day through end of July.

For Peewee players, the season will start based on field availability.

The regular schedule typically ends around the last week in July and for A-D Division, the play-offs start right after that. This schedule is usually not finalized until we know how many teams we have, available fields, etc. (usually the first week in May). To be safe, assume that for the teams that make the play-offs, the season will go through the first full week in August.

When will I know the schedule for the summer and what team I'm playing on?
Schedules and team lists will be handed out to coaches during the Coaches' Meeting in mid-May.  Coaches will then contact their players within a week after the Coaches' Meeting. Dates and times for this meeting will be published here when available.

Player names and addresses are not posted on the website but will be handed out by coaches when distributing uniforms and schedules.
Why are there conflicts with Travel for 10-year-olds?
With only one U10 field, the U10 Girls' schedule conflicts with the U10 Boys' schedules for Travel. The decision was made in 2000/2001 to change the times of the Travel games and play them back to back when there was a conflict with home game dates.   This causes the House/Travel conflict for the U10/D-Division Boys and Girls.
Do I get a uniform to play in?
Yes. All players get socks and a jersey as part of the Registration Fee. Shorts are typically not provided but your coach may ask all players to wear one color.

Jerseys are ordered in generic sizes and it is up to the coach to make sure that they are distributed appropriately to the right players.

What equipment do coaches and players get?
Coaches are provided with 2 brand new balls, and 2 ice packs for each team. We suggest that coaches ask players to bring their own soccer balls for practices so that each player has a ball during the practice.

Coaches will pick up uniforms from the league at the Coaches' Meeting (usually mid-May)and distribute the uniforms to players at the first meeting. 

Each player receives a jersey and a pair of socks. Players are responsible for their own shorts. Some teams may choose to have all their players wear the same color shorts for games.

When will I be notified whether I made the team?
Everyone who registers by the last regular registration date makes a team. You will be notified which team, when the games are and where they will be played around mid-May.

If you have not heard from the coach by the last week in May, please contact one of the Board members or email Brighton Soccer through this site.

What soccer ball sizes are used in each Division?
    A and B Division use size 5
    C and D Division use size 4
    E and F Division use size 3

What Fields do I play on?
We will determine the field assignments in mid-May. Historically, Brighton Soccer League uses the fields shown under the Locations menu option on the left hand side of this page.

When can a game be cancelled because of weather?
The league rule states that games will only be cancelled at game time by the referee.  Ideally, the game will be cancelled if jointly agreed to by the referee and the 2 opposing coaches.

Both teams must be at the field ready to play at game time. The decision to cancel the game will be made at game time and if one of the teams does not have enough players, the referee has the right to declare a forfeit for that team.

If the game has been forfeited, the home team will pay the referee, as is usually the case. If the game is cancelled, coaches should follow the cancellation instructions on the Coaches page.

Why does Brighton Soccer count the first 6 goals only?
We do not like the score to be run up. Stronger teams are encouraged to keep scores down when playing weaker teams.