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Q.  When can I Register for the Brighton Soccer League?

Q.  Why can't I register by mail?

Q. Do I have to live in Brighton to play in the Brighton Soccer League?

Q.  What does A or B level (Division) mean?

Q.  What do I need when I register?

Q.  What nights do I play?

Q.  Can I choose who to play with?

Q.  What if I don't like my Team from last year?

Q.  Will I be able to play Baseball and Travel Soccer also?

Q.  Can I register for a higher Division?

Q.  Can I play up?

When can I Register for the Brighton Soccer League?

There are 4 regular Registration dates:

- Three in January (1 Saturday followed by 2 evenings - usually Wednesdays)

- One in early February  

There is one late Registration usually late February or early March. 

If there is room on teams, we set up another Late Registration in late March or early April for those players who we have found room for only.

Registration notices are posted on the website from November of the previous year showing all dates and locations for the regular registration and the first Late Registration.  Flyers are dropped off at various schools in December of the previous year showing the same information.

In addition, all players who played the previous year and are still eligible to play, are mailed completed Registration forms to their home address so that they can bring in a signed form to the Registration with their check for the fees.

Why can't I register by mail?

Parents are encouraged to register players by coming to one of the Registrations held in January and February (dates are posted on this website by December of the prior year).

In the past, we have been willing to accept mail-in registrations. However, many of them were not filled in correctly and it was very difficult and time-consuming following up to get the correct information.  Therefore, as of the Registration for 2008, we DO NOT accept ANY registrations that come to us in the mail. You must attend one of the 4 regular Registrations or the Late Registration. 

Any registration received in the mail WILL BE DISCARDED!

Do I have to live in Brighton to play in the Brighton Soccer League?
No. Anyone from 6 to 17 years of age can play in the league. We also have programs for 5 year-olds.
What does A or B level (Division) mean?

Players are split into Divisions A though F and Pewee.  Please select the Divisions menu option on the left for more information on each Division/level. Typically each Division has two years of players (e.g. "B" level includes 13 and 14 year-olds). There are exceptions

- "A" level includes 15, 16 and 17 year-olds
- "F" level is co-ed (boys and girls 6 years old)
- Girls "E" level is for 7 and 8 year-old girls
- Boys "E" level is for 7 and 8 year-old boys

From "D" through "A" level, Franchises exist just like Pro sports. Players move up levels as they grow older but usually stay within the same Franchise (with the same team mates).   If a team at a higher level is lacking players, they can bring players up from a lower Division as long as they are in the same Franchise. 

Levels "E" and "F" are considered instructional levels, and do not have Franchises.

What do I need when I register?
- IF YOU PLAYED LAST YEAR, bring in the pre-printed Registration form with Medical Release that was mailed to you
- IF YOU DID NOT PLAY LAST YEAR, fill in a new Registration/Medical-Release form to hand in (available at Registration) and be prepared to show a Proof of Birth for the player being registered (BIRTH CERTIFICATE, HMO CARD WITH BIRTHDATE, PASSPORT, ETC.)

In any case, a parent must sign the Registration/Medical-Release form. Any Medical/Handicapped limitation will also require a Doctor's Release.

What nights do I play?
You will play two nights a week. Refer to information on your Division for tentative game days (see the menu on the left hand side for Divisions).  Game days may be different until the school year is over (late June). Practices for "A" through "D" Division players are additional with date/times/locations determined by your coach.

Can I choose who to play with?
If you are in "E" or "F" Divisions, you can specify a friend n the registration form. We will try to place you with whom you indicate.

If in the "A" through "D" level, the answer is "It depends". If you are new to the league or are just entering the "D" level, you can specify who you wish to play with and we will try to comply with your wishes.

Otherwise, the answer is "NO". The league will place you where it determines is right (usually in the same Franchise if you did not ask to be taken off the team you were on last year).

What if I don't like my Team from last year?


If you are in "E" or "F" Division, you will be assigned a new, random set of teammates automatically each year.

In "A" through "D" Division, you will stay in the same Franchise unless you indicate that you do not wish to remain in the same Franchise on your Registration form.

Specifying "NO" means that you will NOT be on the same team as last year. Brighton Soccer League will decide where you go based on our priorities (our first priority is to balance the strengths of the teams).

Will I be able to play Baseball and Travel Soccer also?
Yes. To the extent possible, the schedules among these three groups are coordinated to not overlap.  However, circumstances such as a player playing out of his/her age group (e.g. playing up) in Travel Soccer, will probably result in schedule conflicts.

To coordinate with Brighton Baseball, we schedule many A thru D Division games in the May/June time-frame on Friday and Sunday Evenings (Baseball plays Monday thru Thursday evenings and Saturday & Sunday mornings and afternoons).  Once the Brighton Baseball program has ended in late June, A thru D Division games go to the weekday schedules.

There are too many children in E&F and not enough fields to do those two groups on weekends.  Therefore they start right in on their weekday schedule.

We also try to coordinate the schedules with travel soccer and for the most part there are no conflicts. Please refer to information on each Division for tentative game days for House and Travel.  Potential conflicts with Travel:

- Girls' C (some conflicts on Tuesdays and possibly Fridays)
- Girls' D (major conflicts on on Tuesdays and possibly Fridays in early June)

However, Girls' D & C have played on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings since at least 1982 and there was no opportunity to move their games to other days of the week.  Losing field 4 at Brookside has reduced our flexibility.

Additionally, the Brighton Soccer schedule distributed in mid-May is set and cannot be changed.  However, Travel coaches receive their game dates in the beginning of April and have the option of changing these dates before the end of April. Depending on how many games are changed, this may result in conflicts.  There are some Travel coaches that may make a significant number of changes to accomodate their own schedules.

Can I register for a higher Division?
You can register to play up 1 Division to stay with your class mates.  You can do this only once in your career playing in the Brighton Soccer League.  Once you do this, you cannot ask to be switched back again. You are for all intents and purposes in the the higher division and cannot play down under any circumstances even if you are age appropriate for the younger division.

If you have elected to play up, when you turn 17 you are no longer able to play in the Brighton Soccer League.  If you did not elect to play up, you will be able to play in the league as long as you do not turn 18 before August 1 of the current season.
Can I play up?
Yes, you can play up within your own Franchise as long as the Coach for the higher Division lets your coach know that you will be playing up.  You cannot just play for the higher division - you must play for your own Division as well.  When you play up, the Coach of the higher Division is obligated to play you at least 1 Quarter.