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Important Reschedule Information

Due to the limited field availability in the Town of Brighton and the work involved in coordinating a new date and booking the referees, we ask that coaches refrain from requesting schedule changes.  Games cancelled by a referee due to incement weather are a different matter and will be rescheduled without question.

Please note, the scheduler and referee assiger will not reschedule games except in exteremely unique circumstances - for example, BOTH teams are unable to field have at least half of their players attend due to a common conflict like a school function.  Even if both coaches agree to reschedule a game, the scheduler must approve the request.  Only then can the referee who has been booked be cancelled.

The online schedule is the final authority on whether a game is scheduled or postponed.  Postponed or rescheduled games will appear on your schedule at the bottom with a TBD date (To Be Determined).  If the online schedule indicates that you have a game, that means the referee and the other team intend to play.  Your team's failure to appear will result in a forfeit.

How are games cancelled for weather?

A game can only be cancelled by the referee.  Coaches and referees should try to cancel as few games as possible because of the complexities involved in rescheduling.

  • The referee will not be paid if the game has not yet started (Brighton Soccer will attempt to get the same referee for the re-scheduled game and the referee of record for the re-scheduled game will be paid)
  • If the game was started, the referee will be paid in full (Brighton Soccer will make every attempt to get the same referee to officiate the remainder of the game when it is re-scheduled)

How do I reschedule a game?

Both coaches must notify the Brighton Soccer Hot Line that the game was cancelled and will be re-scheduled. Both coaches should also indicate whether the game had started or not.

Both coaches must then contact the scheduler to determine field availability and to finalize a location, date and time for the re-scheduled game.  The scheduler can be reached via email through the boards contacts page.

Once a location, date and time have been agreed to by both coaches and the scheduler, the scheduler will ensure a referee is booked for the rescheduled game