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Volunteer Roles
There are many ways that you contribute to making our league a success. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated!

Academy Coordinators: The club is looking for coordinators for the U6 Coed, U8 Boys, U8 Girls, U10 Boys, U10 Girls academies.  The coordinator is responsible for maintaining a facilitator schedule, and for handing out player stickers.

Facilitators:  Facilitators are the "coaches" for the U6 (Coed), U8 Boys, U8 Girls, U10 Boys and U10 Girls academies.  Since there are no teams in the academy, the players are often trained by a different facilitator each session.  To ensure your success, all facilitators will teach the same games, activities and skills at every session.  Each facilitator will be given comprehensive training plus a complete lesson plan for every session.  As a facilitator, you won't have to prepare practice plans, purchase equipment, or notify parents and players.  Facilitators get to just show up and 'facilitate' soccer!

Coaches and Assistant Coaches: The U17 and U13 leagues have a traditional team and coach structure.  Coaches and assistants are responsible for scheduling their own practices and planning their own practice activities.  Games are scheduled between teams by the league scheduler. 

Team Managers:  Team manager's take some of the load off the coaches by sending emails to the team to help with communications.  They also distribute uniforms and often take care of a snack/treat list. 

Fields:  These volunteers help prepare and maintain the fields and goals during the season.