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June 21 Practice

Hello Team 6, 

Happy Summer Solstice!  


We meet tonight, Tuesday, June 21 at 6:15 PM on the Blue Field.  


Thanks to Andrea, Preston’s mom for bringing the popsicles last Thursday.  We ended up having a lovely evening, despite high temperatures earlier in the day and threats of thunderstorms (and tornados!).  The kids who showed up did a terrific job at practice with dribbling & shooting and passing & shooting.  They also did a great job being flexible when it was time to scrimmage and we had to create a combined team.  


See you tonight!


Todd & Emily


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Where to Meet, Parking, Inclement Weather, COVID
by posted 05/31/2022

Hello Team 6 Players and Parents,

We will be seeing you soon!  

Our first practice is this Thursday, June 2 from 6:15 - 7:15 PM on the Red Field.

We will meet on the fields to the right (west) as you enter Buckland Park Road from Westfall Road.  We will be practicing on half of a field, then scrimmaging (having short games) with the team practicing on the other half of our field.  Fields are assigned by color, corresponding to the different colors painted on the goal posts of each field.  The schedule (to be posted) lists which color field we will be practicing and playing on.  Our first practice session will be on the Red Field.  


Please park in the parking lot by the pavilion and walk your child over to the playing fields.  We have been advised not to park, nor to stop and drop off, along the road into Buckland Park.  It is illegal to park on the road and the police will ticket!  The playing fields for our 6U (6-year old and under) Division are those located on the right as you enter Buckland Park from Westfall Road.  These are also the fields beyond the playground as you look west toward South Clinton Ave.

Inclement Weather

For safety, we will not practice or play if there is thunder or lightning.  We will alert you by text (if possible) and e-mail if we know in advance that our practice will be canceled.  If we are already on the field, we will need to end practice and retreat to our vehicles.  Our guidelines require us to wait for 30 minutes from the last thunder or lightning strike before resuming play.  We will likely opt to cancel the remaining practice.


Outside is probably one of the safest places to be in the time of COVID with plentiful fresh air and wind and air currents to mix it up!  However, young children love to put their faces close to one another.  Please let us know if your child has tested positive for, or been exposed to someone with COVID.  Please use good judgment when choosing to send a child to practice and err on the side of caution - we may not know who has an immunocompromised or otherwise susceptible loved one at home.  Masking is optional.  We understand that everyone has different levels of comfort and different needs and encourage you to do what is best for your child and your family.  

Permission to Photograph

We would love to take some pictures to share on the Brighton Soccer Website.  Please let us know at the first practice if we have your permission to do so.  

See you on Thursday,

 ~ Coach Emily & Coach Todd



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