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Please be aware that parking is strictly enforced by the town at all facilities used by Brighton Soccer League for games. Be aware of the No Parking regulation at these facilities. You are responsible for any tickets that are issued to you by the police.

In particular, please observe the following NO PARKING AREAS:

- The entrance drive into Buckland Park is clearly marked as a no parking zone.  Brighton Soccer League requests that everyone abide by the no parking zones and park in the parking lot.  The Town of Brighton will be actively enforcing the no parking requirements at Buckland Park.  People not abiding by the no parking restrictions will be ticketed.

- Additionally, Brighton Soccer is requesting that you do not stop on the entrance road into Buckland Park to drop off players or spectators.  The entrance road is very narrow, and stopping to drop off passengers can result in backing up traffic on Westfall Road.  Again, Brighton Soccer requests that you pull into parking lot and walk your children to the fields to avoid creation of congestion on the entrance road.

We appreciate your adherence to these rules.