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Brighton Soccer League 2021 Season



Hello Soccer Players and families,

We all hope you are doing well and staying safe and strong. This is a message to inform you that the Brighton Soccer League Board has been keeping up to date on the constantly evolving rules and requirements for resuming play in-light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We plan on starting up the process for having a 2021 Brighton Soccer League Season. In order to make sure we comply with CDC and New York State guidelines for sports during this pandemic, we have been monitoring the latest recommendations particularly from the New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA). We are hopeful that we will have some form of soccer this year, albeit with some specific guidelines that coaches, kids and parents may need to adhere to.

Thank you in advance for your patience, this will be a great unique experience.

So please keep your eyes open for emails and Facebook posts as it is possible that we may have to have an accelerated registration process that will require your immediate attention.

Stay Healthy.


As every year, we at The Brighton Soccer League depend on our Volunteers to help run the successful program. They say “It takes a village.” and with that being said, it is our Board, our Coaches, Team Parent Managers, and Our Volunteers that supply the guidance which allow our children to focus on having fun and learning the skills of soccer. Please consider offering your services and time to be part of our community by Coaching this season! We promise it to be a very fun experience and extremely rewarding! It is our recommendation to join up with another adult to co-coach one of the teams and three coaches are always welcomed. Those who commit to coaching are also promised lots of smiles and laughs.





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